I am involved in the project is rocketmq-console-ng. Involved in the design 
of the project pre-project planning,

     In the QQ group discussed and decided to services framework to use 
spring-boot + bootstrap +angularjs.

     We have redesigned the UI on this project (thanks to QQ group in 深圳-乌鸦  
contribution code).

    Also add a Dashboard module. Some key metrics are shown in the module.

发件人: 唐杰 <styletang...@gmail.com>
发送时间: 2017年1月13日 16:53:09
收件人: dev@rocketmq.incubator.apache.org
主题: Rocketmq-Console Deploy Plan

This week we start the rocketmq-console-ng (

We discuss in QQ Groups,and decide to use spring-boot + bootstrap +
angularjs to implements it.
here is the deploy plan(roadmap):

Most features have been implemented, but there is still many things to
improve.(for example : UI)
Some feature like (can't show producerList) need to change
incubator-rocketmq's code.In this case we need the committer's help.we will
submit a issue and discuss how to sovle it.

this week we merged one pull request.

This is just the beginning.we want to make it easy to use.make more and
more people like it,  join us to contribute to this project together.

This is the demo of our project :

If you have any suggestions please contact us!

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