Hi Bruce,

Thanks for your suggestion :-)

We will start the doc improvements in the community, hoping to finish them 
before RocketMQ’s next release. Besides what you have said parts, we hope to 
add some extra works for Apache RocketMQ wiki, including: 

1. Example(Overview, Simple Message Example,Order Message Example,Broadcast 
Example, Schedule Message Example, Batch Message Example)
2. Architecture
3. Deployment(Configuration, CLI and HA parts)
4. Best Practice
5. Ecosystem Integration

Hi, guys ~ Are you interested in the improvement tasks ? please let me know :-)

> 在 2017年3月19日,01:11,Bruce Snyder <bruce.sny...@gmail.com> 写道:
> Today someone emailed me directly about their interest in becoming a
> committer to the RocketMQ project. I explained that committership is based
> on the merit of their contributions to the project and I encouraged them to
> join the dev@rocket mailing list to start some discussions. Upon looking
> for the link to the page on the RocketMQ site that provides the mailing
> lists, it was very difficult to locate. So I have some suggestions for
> improving the website to make it more user-friendly and to drive more
> community contribution. Below are a some of my suggestions for starters:
> * The content from the Contributing page that currently resides on the old
> Github project's wiki (
> https://github.com/apache/incubator-rocketmq/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING.md).
> This content should be moved to the Community page on the new ASF site.
> * From the new Community page, please link to the Best Practice in Pull
> Request page.
> * The title of the Contact page (
> http://rocketmq.incubator.apache.org/about/contact/) should be changed to
> 'Support' or 'Mailing Lists' and made much more prominent instead of buried
> with the Team page. Please also consider adding a link to it in the header
> where you see Documentation, Blog, Community, etc.
> * Place a link to the Download page in the header where you see
> Documentation, Blog, Community, etc.
> * You should consider moving the Blog to the home page to show more project
> activity to anyone who visits the site.
> * The Branching Model page outlines the use of Git Flow and yet it provides
> no reference to the official Git Flow documentation or scripts. Please add
> some attribution to the original docs from Vincent Driessen (
> http://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/) and the git-flow
> tools (https://github.com/nvie/gitflow).
> Last, but definitely not least, please always keep in mind when writing
> documentation that you are writing for people who are learning RocketMQ.
> Such new users need to understand the RocketMQ architecture and how to use
> it in a production environment. Currently, there is very little
> documentation available that addresses using RocketMQ in a production
> environment. I'm sure that there is knowledge of such operational usage of
> RocketMQ from it's deep use at Alibaba. I would really like to see that
> knowledge documented to begin to prove to new users that RocketMQ is
> production ready and already used on probably the biggest e-commerce sites
> in the world.
> Please always keep the following question in mind as you write new features
> and documentation: If I were a new user of RocketMQ with zero knowledge, do
> the docs provide enough information to develop with and deploy RocketMQ for
> production use?
> Bruce
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