Here’s a PDF version [1] of the slides I had. Thanks.


From: Andrew Wetmore<>
Sent: Saturday, February 3, 2018 7:49 PM
Subject: ApacheCon 2017 presentations


I have been looking at the ApacheCon 2017 presentations on FlexJSd[1] to
see if we could re-purpose them into videos for a Royale YouTube channel.

The material is good, and the video and sound quality are okay as an
archival record of what happened at the conference, but the existing videos
do not work really well to explain much about FlexJS/Royale  to someone who
is new to the project. It is hard to see the screen, and the audio has a
lot of ums and ers and let-me-sees.

Does someone, maybe the presenters, have copies of the PowerPoints (and if
possible scripts) for the presentations? Did someone record what was
projected on the screen, rather than a video of screen + presenter?



Andrew Wetmore

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