I've just pushed a new feature branch: "feature/DividedBox" that contains a new 
set of Basic components: HDividedBox and VDividedBox. There is also an example 
to go along with them: examples/royale/DividedBoxExample.

I've kept this as a feature branch so you can evaluate it and I'll put it into 
develop tomorrow or so depending on feedback. There are about 15 
classes/interfaces in total that make up this component set.

The DividedBox classes should mimic the DividedBox components found in Flex. 
HDividedBox places its children into columns while VDividedBox places its 
children into rows. The children are separated with dividers containing 
grippers. You can drag the dividers to resize the children on either side.

Peter Ent
Adobe Systems/Apache Royale Project

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