We already have this.  It is the RELEASE_NOTES file.  All ASF releases are
supposed to have one so we should use it.  And as keepachangelog.com says,
it is not the GitHub commit log.

IMO, it is not the Release Manager's job to fill this out.  It needs to be
maintained by every committer.  I know I'm really bad about filling it out
which is why I proposed a Commit Wizard a few days ago.

IMO, there were some good feature enhancements in 0.9.1, like
NestedDataGridColumn, but nothing really notable.  The focus of 0.9.1 was
to get the documentation published by making sure ASDoc and the examples
worked.  Also, there was only a few weeks between 0.9.0 and 0.9.1.

Also, I added links from the RELEASE_NOTES to our wiki.  That way we can
add late-breaking news after the release.  I think we should do the that
for every release.  But we should try to make the RELEASE_NOTES contain
most or all of the notable changes.

I think there will be major new features in 0.9.2 if it doesn't become a
hot fix release.  I just pushed "fixed row height virtual lists" and will
likely get variable row height working as well.  And of course, I did not
update RELEASE_NOTES when I pushed those changes, so I will go and do that
now ;-)

My 2 cents,

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