Hi Alex

I hope that vivid work let us know much more about all of this. Right now I
don't dare to adventure how this should be...

2018-02-22 10:29 GMT+01:00 Alex Harui <aha...@adobe.com.invalid>:

> I think I agree.  That's sort of where I was heading by creating a
> separate theme in basic.css.  Basic.css is separate from the defaults.css
> in Basic.swc.  Maybe we should give basic.css a different name.  The goal
> of basic.css was to give our examples and anybody else building the
> smallest app on Basic a more Flex-like look.  I just don't think Serif
> 16px looks good.  It is true that more traditional CSS visual styles can
> be moved from the Basic defaults.css to whatever we call basic.css.
> Someone else can do that work once we see how this change affects Vivid
> and other themes like MDL.  I'm not sure if every component set should
> have a separate theme file or SWC as well.  Or if there are a few visual
> styles in that should remain in Basic's defaults.css so that other
> component sets don't have to repeat that information.
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