The reason for a separate Button vs TextButton is that there are (or will
be) lots of buttons that never have text so there is no point to creating
text elements/nodes for them.  Such as the up/down in NumericStepper,
play/record/pause in Video/Audio components, bold/italic/underline in a
Rich Text Editor.  In the Jewel set and for Basic, you are welcome to
propose different names if you think that Button really should have text
support and, maybe, a GraphicOnlyButton should be the base for non-text
Buttons.  The names don't matter much to me.  The PAYG pattern does matter.

In Express, there can be a single Button that has text and image support

And if we do emulations of mx:Button and s:Button, those will have text
support built-in.  And using Jewel for the default look there would
probably be a good thing.

My 2 cents,

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>let me know what do you think about :
>* Should Button in Jewel UI Set be named as "Button" or "TextButton"?
>(I see more natural a "Button" that a "TextButton")
>* Should the main Button in Jewel UI Set inherit from TextButton in
>or "Express"?
>(that means to have "enabled", "toolTip"...)
>responses to some of this question could be interpreted or applied to more
>Jewel components and how to deal with it as I create them
>Carlos Rovira

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