This is vote for the 0.9.2 release of Apache Royale.

The release candidate can be found here;

Before voting please review the section,'What are the ASF requirements on
approving a release?', at:

At a minimum you would be expected to check that:
- SHA and signed packages are correct
- README, RELEASE_NOTES, NOTICE and LICENSE files are all fine
- That the build script completes successfully
- That you can compile and cross-compile a simple example using the SDK.

The source package is a combination of the 3 main Royale repos.
To use the binary package, unzip it into a folder.  The -js package is
ready-to-use in an IDE or command-line.  If you need SWF output, use the
-royale package and use Apache Ant to run the InstallAdobeSDKs script via:
  ant -f InstallAdobeSDKs.xml

You may also get the binary packages via NPM.  The -js package can be
installed via: 
npm install 
ale-0.9.2-bin-js.tar.gz -g

The full package with SWF support can be installed via:
npm install 
gz> -g

Maven artifacts are staged here:

Please vote to approve this release:
+1 Approve the release
-1 Disapprove the release (please provide specific comments to why)
This vote will be open for 72 hours or until a result can be called.

The vote passes if there is:
- At least 3 +1 votes from the PMC
- More positive votes than negative votes

Remember that this is a 'beta-quality' release so I expect there
will be many bugs found.  IMO the goal is not to try to find and fix bugs
in the RC, but to make sure we have the packaging right, and enough
functionality that folks will have some success trying to use it.
People who are not in PMC are also encouraged to test out the release and
vote, although their votes will not be binding, they can influence how the
PMC votes. 

When voting please indicate what OS, IDE, Flash Player version and AIR
version you tested with.

For your convenience, there is an ant script that automates the common
steps to validate a release.  Instead of individually downloading the
package and signature files, unzipping, etc, you can instead:
1) create an empty folder,
2) download into that folder this file:

3) run the script: 
   ant -e -f ApproveRoyale.xml -Drelease.version=0.9.2 -Drc=2

   If you want to test SWF support during the approval, use:
   ant -e -f ApproveRoyale.xml -Drelease.version=0.9.2 -Drc=2

You are not required to use this script, and more testing of the packages
and build results are always encouraged.

Please put all discussion about this release in the DISCUSSION thread not
this VOTE thread. 

Alex Harui 

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