I plan to migrate a huge Flex App to Royale. This App is Flex/Java.
Communication is made with AMF - RemoteObject mostly.

Since this system is already be worked by a full team of developers with a
tight plan of improvement on each release and lots of agreements in place,
my vision is to start building a Royale application that will born and grow
from the same java backend and will sit just near the flex one, and pull
data in the same way the flex application does actually from AMF using the
same API.

So for me the first step is to try to make the login work with Jewel and
AMF, then bring a first set of data records and show in a List, then if all
of this succeed (let's call it Initial POC), start structuring and planing
the real migration. At that time, I'll be looking to the Emulation
components effort.

I think this path could be optimal, if we can left backend untouched, and
only work on the royale application. Having to change java, will made the
project at risk, since it not only would double the effort but will not
make the transitions smoothly.

Since I'm full working in Jewel, I don't know the real start of the IPOC,
but hope to start soon.

Carlos Rovira

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