Hi Piotr,

Finally I get some time to get over this issue.
I was trying to see what we need to fix maven distribution.
I run

mvn install -P option-with-swf,with-distribution

I get royale-asjs/distribution/target/...

and inside I have the Royale Maven SDK generated.

Then I copied to my SDKs folder and unpacked it, and point my IDE to it.

As you reported recently, I have code intelligence working. So it seems the
SDK is well formed

At this point, since my workflow is "maven driven". I have all ok, since my
IDE build command run "mvn install", and the I click my button for running
in a browser.
So far so good :)

I remember you said the SDK was not valid since it was not able to run from
IDE. I'm trying to understand what's the problem. Can you elaborate over


Carlos Rovira

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