Precisely. Some sort of v3.2.10-rcX during voting with the creation of rel/v3.2.10 after the ppmc and ipmc votes pass.

Meier, Caleb wrote:
Given that you cannot delete the tag "rel/<whatever>", what are the tagging 
conventions that people use throughout the release process?
Obviously you don't want the tag for an RC to be rel in the event that you have 
to create a new RC and delete the old tag.  Is the convention to just
create an RC tag, and once an RC passes vote then create the "rel/<whatever>" 

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Yeah, making a release with a SNAPSHOT version doesn't make any sense (as 
SNAPSHOTs are explicitly for non-released versions of software).

At the ASF, the only thing to be aware of is that the final Git tag should be 
"rel/<whatever" which will prevent it from being force-push deleted.

Meier, Caleb wrote:
What are the conventions for SCM tags?  Josh, was the issue that you had with 
our tag that is was v3.2.10-SNAPSHOT as opposed to either v3.2.10 or just 
3.2.10?  I want to close out RYA-182, but first I want to understand what the 
issue was.

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