S2Graph's main web interface is based on Play! Framework.

Key features provided include:
  - admin api
  - read/write api (include graph traverse)

and known issues:
  1. The `s2rest_netty` project is experimental and supports only `graph
traverse` API.
  2. `s2rest_play` based on Play! Framework.
    Play! Framework is full stack framework, so it has a lot of
dependencies that s2graph does not need.
    There is also a conflict with byte buddy for patching asynchbase.
  3. `GraphQL` is still in the experimental phase and does not yet provide
all the functionality.

I suggest removing `s2rest_play` and `s2rest_netty` to solve the above

Akka HTTP is a stable phase, and the GraphQL web interface is built on Akka
It would be nice if a full-featured Web Interface would be provided by
connecting an existing Web Interface to an implemented GraphQL server.

Thank you for your feedback.

reference: https://richardimaoka.github.io/blog/hello-world-http-bench/

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