Let us welcome Jongwook kim as a new Committer of S2Graph.
He has contributed to solve a lot of issues.
He also shows active participation on the mailing list and enters input
from outside of Kakao corp which increase our diversity.

Following is issues that resolved by JongWook Kim

- S2GRAPH-70: Automate the process of building a distribution package
- S2GRAPH-116: using ASM and ByteBuddy to add a proxy to Asynchbase's
- S2GRAPH-117: Cleaner logging library usage.
- S2GRAPH-73: Add an SBT task and relevant scripts to construct a package
for distribution.
- S2GRAPH-74: Add a script that starts/stops a local hbase server.
- S2GRAPH-75: Use an embedded database as the default metadata storage.
- S2GRAPH-88: Add DISCLAIMER, LICENSE, NOTICE on packaging process.
- S2GRAPH-94: Add description for project layout on README.
- S2GRAPH-112: Additional refinements in README.md
- S2GRAPH-111: typo fix: getServiceLable -> getServiceLabel


Please join me in congratulating Jongwook.

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