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> Hi,
> Here is the original discussion [1] on the private list (over 2 years ago!). 
> I'm surprised these people have kept on with the project. While not as formal 
> as what some projects do (having a formal VOTE thread), it's up to each PPMC 
> to decide (and hopefully document) on how to appoint committers and it looks 
> like the consensus was to add the people discussed. I suggest you have a 
> discussion on the @private list and if there's no PPMC objections (seem 
> unlikely) just go ahead and add them as committers perhaps with an apology 
> for taking so long.

I was a bit surprised at the voting result announcement today because I 
couldn't find any "[VOTE] ..." messages for those two committer candidates.
Even if it [1] is a guideline and (P)PMC might want to have a different 
process, I don't see any good reasons to avoid an official voting call per 
candidate. I think it is better to follow the guideline for committer 

Another thing is, if 2 years already passed and if we're concerned whether the 
candidate is still interested in or not, then I think a PPMC member should 
kindly contact them to ask if they're still willing to join by e-mail with 
CC'ing private@. If we get a positive answer form a candidate, it seems best to 
start a voting call for the candidate only.



[1] https://community.apache.org/newcommitter.html

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> Justin
> 1. 
> https://lists.apache.org/thread.html/1160237c8961daa72f45fd87b2b3c3b3185ba8bbb2c05f7982ea0d02@%3Cprivate.s2graph.apache.org%3E

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