Could you verify the description of the job.coordinator.replication.factor 
property?  Documentation is different for releases prior to 1.0.0 and I would 
like to confirm if the property truly did change so we can set that property 

<= 1.0.0 Description

If you are using Kafka for coordinator stream, this is the number of Kafka 
nodes to which you want the coordinator topic replicated for durability.
> 1.0.0 Description


The frequency at which the input streams’ partition count change should be 
detected. When the input partition count change is detected, Samza will 
automatically restart a stateless job or fail a stateful job. A longer time 
interval is recommended for jobs w/ large number of input system stream 
partitions, since gathering partition count may incur measurable overhead to 
the job. You can completely disable partition count monitoring by setting this 
value to 0 or a negative integer, which will also disable auto-restart/failing 
behavior of a Samza job on partition count changes.

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