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> The current implementation avoids to copy the matrices X or Y,
> although that would ease and shorten the code. I thought there must
> be a reason for that and tried to avoid it too. I hesitate to copy X
> or Y, because they might have a huge number of lines.


> I will try only using new matrices for products like X'X as it is
> done in the current implementation. That will result in a lot of
> nearly identical multiplication methods, but I think, that is better
> than copying the matrices.

To avoid both, having overly complicated code and copying large
matrices, we could introduce a const/non-const flag in ScMatrix,
defaulted to const and set to non-const by GetNewMat(), but to const
again when stored in ScFormulaResult. The usual case is that a matrix
was constructed from a range reference by the interpreter and not as
a const array or formula cell result. Then having
a ScMatrix::CloneIfConst() method could just return the current matrix
if non-const and would have to actually clone only in rare const cases.

Just an idea..


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