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in the current implementation some functions are common to TREND/GROWTH and LINEST/LOGEST. So working on LINEST I had a look at TREND too. And I have found some problems.

The definition of TREND in ODF1.2 (6.18.79) allows only "NumberSequence" as parameters and constrains the column, row and overall count of knownY to be equal to knownX. So that definition does not cover multiple linear regression but only simple linear regression. On the outher hand, because of the rules for conversion to NumberSequence (6.3.7), also cells without numbers may be includes in the ranges and will not be considered for the NumberSequence.

GNUMERIC calculates as described in ODF: Only simple linear regression, but allow text cells in the range. EXCEL calculates as Calc: Allow multiple regression, but disallow text cells.

So what to do?

Kind regards

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