Hi, i have succeeded in adding a function to Calc and reading the input
figures on a Calc spreadsheet. I'm using the <projectName>.impl.java file
generated and changing its return statement so as to give the result of my

But I can only access a pre-defined number of cells only. i.e. the size of
the array i define in the java code. How can I access a dynamically
determined cell range and use its values to do a computation?? [image:
Rolling Eyes]
eg: when the user inputs the cell values as
2 4 7
1 7 3
4 3 9
each value in one cell, and when I program to take a 3*3 array(2-D array),
computation succeeds(obvious) But I need to extend the code to be able to
access any sized cell range.

I've tried out the method of creating the for loop as
for(int i=0; ; i++){
for(int j=0; ; j++){
but it even doesn't work

Great help if one can give me a hint.
Thanx in advance


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