Hi Eike,

Eike Rathke schrieb:
Hi Regina,

I'll try to give some long outstanding answers to questions you asked
shortly before I went to OOoCon and then into vacation and then..

On Thursday, 2010-08-26 22:33:20 +0200, Regina Henschel wrote:

next problem with matrices :(

(All with German local with comma as decimal delimiter)

Fill A1:C3 with
1       2       3
3       6       9
9,1     18      27
Calculate =MINVERSE(A1:C3)

That looks related, though I don't know at the moment how that should
occur in Calc. We usually convert all INF and NAN to errors. Which
milestone did you use?

I have know installed OOo3.3.0 RC1 on Windows7 and get
        NaN     #VALUE! #VALUE!
        #NUM!   #NUM!   #VALUE!
        #NUM!   #NUM!   #VALUE!

Shall I write an issue?

Kind regards

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