Am 28.10.2010 15:58, schrieb Daniel Rentz:
Hi Peter,

Am 28.10.2010 15:23, schrieb Peter Eberlein:
Hi Niklas,
Am 28.10.2010 11:02, schrieb Niklas Nebel:

Value highlighting is a view setting that can be enabled for each view
individually. It's the property "IsValueHighlightingEnabled" in service
SpreadsheetViewSettings, part of SpreadsheetView.

Thanks (as always) for your fast responses.
Tried in m84 the property ShowCharts=2 without success.

Is this documented, but not implemented?

Displaying placeholders is not supported anymore and has been removed
from the code (you can see this in Tools->Options->Calc->View), see . Due to
compatibility, the type of the properties has to remain "short", but the
value 2 will be mapped to "hide objects" (value 1).

Oops, Niklas is right, value 2 maps to "show" (value 0).


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