Am 02.11.2010 10:00, schrieb Niklas Nebel:
On 11/02/10 08:58, Peter Eberlein wrote:
The dialog you get on Windows if you select Insert/Object/OLE Object,
and then "Further objects". That's an OLE dialog, not part of OOo. It
has a check box "Display As Icon".

Ah, yes.
But this system dialog only appears in MS Office, not in OpenOffice.

No, I'm talking about OOo of course. It has to be compiled with OLE
support, but the downloads from the website are compiled that way.

I always use that downloads for ages, but never got this system dialog, only the oo-OLE-Dialog. And yes, "Tools/Options/%productname%/General/Use dialogs" is unchecked.



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