Am 01/17/2011 11:12 PM, schrieb Regina Henschel:
Hi all,

I'm currently looking in ScBinomDist to remove the PushNoValue() cases.
I see a lot of ULONG there and as Carsten has announced, that ULONG will
be removed, my question now, how I should replace it.

The parameters n (total number of independent trials) and x (number of
successful trials) are integers in ODF. As we store them in double, they
are exact up to 48Bit. The code has some for-loops up to this
parameters. What type shall I use for the index i in the loops?
Hi Regina,

ULONG is the most problematic type in tools/solar.h. The current mapping is that ULONG is the same type as sal_uIntPtr (which means an unsigned integer which can store a pointer). That's not exactly true for every code which I have seen during the conversion. There is old code which assumes that ULONG is the same type as sal_uInt32. There is also other code which assumes that ULONG can store a pointer. Both assumptions are true for (as far as I know) all 32-Bit systems but not for 64-Bit! Therefore we "created" a new type called "sal_uLong" (typedef sal_uIntPtr) which should only be a temporary solution. Hopefully developers who work on code, exchange sal_uLong with the correct type depending on the context. The new type "sal_uLong" was only used for the semi-automatic tools type removal and should NEVER be used for new code. Normally it's safe to use unsigned long or a sal_uInt-type. Attention must be paid to code which is used to stream to/from the file system. Using sal_uIntPtr there would be a real problem due to the difference between 32- and 64-Bit systems.


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