In there any idea to make it easier to work with Calc?

 1. Start your task with Calc.
 2. Done with Sheet1
 3. Done with Sheet2
 4. Done with Sheet3
 5. Insert - Sheet; [OK]
  Oops, Sheet1 Sheet2 [Sheet4] Sheet3
  Move the Sheet4 after Sheet3.
  Now, Sheet1 Sheet2 Sheet3 [Sheet4]
 6. Done with Shee4
 7. Insert - Sheet; Now I know the option;
  Choose (x)After current sheet; [OK]
  Good! Sheet1 Sheet2 Sheet3 Sheet4 [Sheet5]
 8. Done with Sheet5
 9. Insert - Sheet; Hey, why don't you remember what I chose last time!
  Choose (x)After current sheet again; [OK]

Could it be better if the default choice is ( )After current sheet,
instead of (x)Before current sheet?

Could it be better if Calc will remember what a user chose?

The phenomenon above is confirmed with OOo 3.3.0 Windows and DEV300_m100 
Solairs Intel.

I am not a specialist of Calc, but certainly love it. :-)

Best regards,
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