Moving forward, I'll be posting Sprint Review Notes following our weekly 
meetings to keep the dev list informed of updates, blockers, and other things 
coming from Apache SensSoft.

In the dev teams' last sprint review, we discussed the remainder of the work 
needed to complete our Jenkins' Builds. It looks like userale.js, 
userale.pyqt5, and distill are getting there quickly, if not already completed. 
We've finished developments to TAP's backend, and we're working on repo 
clean-up. A Jenkin's build of TAP will come next. These are the priorities for 
getting to a SensSoft v1.0.0 release before the end of the quarter.

STOUT is a peripheral project to the core SensSoft application suite. We will 
investigate how/if this requires a Jenkins build based on its deployment 
scheme. That being said, we are planning on making ensuring QA and stability of 
STOUT this quarter.

The dev team is strongly considering deprecating UserALEv3. UserALEv3 is a code 
base that other versions of UserALE (.pyqt5, .js) drew from heavily. However, 
as both .pyqt5 and .js operate as a client service rather than a simple API (v3 
still requires a fully manual instrumentation process), and offer manual 
logging options, UserALEv3 is now old hat and doesn't cover use cases beyond 
what .js already covers better. @Lewis and Champions, any thoughts or concerns 
with deprecating UserALEv3 and instead lobbying for adoption of .js and .pyqt5?


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