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Review request for sentry, Arjun Mishra, kalyan kumar kalvagadda, and Sergio 

Repository: sentry


sentry CreateTime is the difference, measured in milliseconds, between the 
current time and midnight, January 1, 1970 UTC. hive granttime is in seconds. 
So need to convert the time.

The original code just cost the timestamp from long to int without converting 
milliseconds to seconds. Therefore, the timestamp value is wrong when 
retrieving the privilege from hive.

The solution is to convert the time correctly.



Diff: https://reviews.apache.org/r/65642/diff/1/


tested manually by stepping into code. I cannot test it in unit test because 
Hive returns timestamp as -1L for test mode

    static String writeGrantInfo(List<HivePrivilegeInfo> privileges, boolean 
testMode) {
    if (privileges != null && !privileges.isEmpty()) {
      StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder();
      Collections.sort(privileges, new Comparator<HivePrivilegeInfo>() {
        public int compare(HivePrivilegeInfo o1, HivePrivilegeInfo o2) {
          int compare = o1.getObject().compareTo(o2.getObject());
          if (compare == 0) {
            compare = o1.getPrincipal().compareTo(o2.getPrincipal());

          if (compare == 0) {
            compare = o1.getPrivilege().compareTo(o2.getPrivilege());

          return compare;
      Iterator var3 = privileges.iterator();

      while(var3.hasNext()) {
        HivePrivilegeInfo privilege = (HivePrivilegeInfo)var3.next();
        HivePrincipal principal = privilege.getPrincipal();
        HivePrivilegeObject resource = privilege.getObject();
        HivePrincipal grantor = privilege.getGrantorPrincipal();
        appendNonNull(builder, resource.getDbname(), true);
        appendNonNull(builder, resource.getObjectName());
        appendNonNull(builder, resource.getPartKeys());
        appendNonNull(builder, resource.getColumns());
        appendNonNull(builder, principal.getName());
        appendNonNull(builder, principal.getType());
        appendNonNull(builder, privilege.getPrivilege().getName());
        appendNonNull(builder, privilege.isGrantOption());
        appendNonNull(builder, testMode ? -1L : (long)privilege.getGrantTime() 
* 1000L);         <-- in test mode, does not return real timestamp
        appendNonNull(builder, grantor.getName());

      return builder.toString();
    } else {
      return "";


Na Li

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