+1 Verified build from source on Linux and tested basic usecases.

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Sent: 19 February 2018 15:37
To: dev@servicecomb.apache.org
Cc: Vinay Murudi <vin...@huawei.com>; Krishna M Kumar 
Subject: [VOTE] Release Apache ServiceComb Service-Center (incubating) version 

Hi All,
This is a call for vote to release ServiceComb Service-Center (Incubating)  
version 1.0.0-m1.
Release Notes:  
Release Candidate: 
Release Tag: 
Release CommitId: 833b19c5d2ff7794b300284194121ebcb33ba8d8     

Keys to Verify the Release Candidate: 

Voting will start now (Monday, 19th Feburary, 2018) and will remain open for 
next 72 hours, Request all PPMC members to give their vote.

[ ] +1 Release this package as 1.0.0-m1. [ ] +0 No opinion.[ ] -1 Do not 
release this package because....

With Regards  Mohammad Asif Siddiqui

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