Maybe we first need to give the business model for this use case or we can just 
give a integration of groovy in edge and it's not a big deal. 
And edge service may be deployed many instances and how to manage dynamic 
uploading means many security concerns. 

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????: Re: Supportting groovy on edge service

any comments on this?

2017-12-28 16:03 GMT+08:00 Zhang Qi <>:

> Currently, our edge service act as a gateway of a set of microservices. In
> this situation, user may want to have some logic in the edge service, for
> example, they may have a logic to convert the backend message to different
> devices and then response to the end user. Actually that is a very common
> use case in zuul.
> So, the user want to dynamic loading those logic in edge service without
> restart it to protect the server from stooping service. So I am thinking
> that we need to support dynamic load groovy script in the edge service
> probably as Dispatcher first and then handler.
> Any comments on this feature?


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