Hi All,
This is a call for Vote to hold Apache ServiceComb (incubating) Meetup
Hosted by Huawei Cloud as a Co-located Event in LC3 2018 Aisa.

As discussed in the meetup propersal[1], we have plan to hold Apache
ServiceComb (incubating) Mini Meetup, details are listed bellow,

   - What is the topic focus of the event?

Topics are focused on user-pratices/technologies/ecosystem of Apache
ServiceComb (incubating)

   - Who is organising the event?

PMCs of ServiceComb (incubating) are the organizer

   - When is the event?

 one day Between Jun 25, 2018 and Jun 27, 2018, maybe in Jun 26, 2018

   - How many attendees are expected?


   - How much PMC involvement is there already?


   - Which marks are requested?

Two marks are requested,
1. Name of "Apache ServiceComb Incubating Meetup Hosted by Huawei Cloud"
2. "Powered By" Apache Incubator logo of Apache ServiceComb (incubating)

   - Is this for profit or non-profit? (See "Event Profits And Donations")?


[1]  https://www.mail-archive.com/dev@servicecomb.apache.org/msg03298.html

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