Hi All, 
   I am going to create a new project named "incubator-servicecomb-docs". This 
project will host documentations for servicecomb components. And this projects 
may contains following subfolders.

   And so no.

  We have found a excellent tool to develop Markdown docs using gitbook, and 
these contents are organised in gitbook structure, as an example, I merged 
temporary contents here

  What's the difference of the project between "incubator-servicecomb-website" ?

         -- This project only contains MarkDown sources for individual projects 
and will be compiled and integrate to "incubator-servicecomb-website" by a 
scripts periodically. And "incubator-servicecomb-website" acts like a website 

Please vote if we can create this project, and from the start, we may only have 
java-chassis-reference-cn, more contents will be added in future by PRs.

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