CI in GitHub has passed, and I also test pass in shardingsphere-example[1].
Can you try the example first?

If the problem still exists, Please let us know.

BTW, If you want to provide picture, I suggest you open issue in GitHub. 
mail-list can't show these picture.



Yi Yang(Sion)
Apache ShardingSphere

At 2019-11-09 17:08:44, "马利" <> wrote:

yes ,I clone the source code of 4.0.0-RC3, and maven install by myself.

then I also clone 
org.apache.shardingsphere:sharding-spring-boot-util:jar:4.0.0-RC3 by myself.  

btw, I use 4.0.0-RC2 is ok.

在 2019-11-09 16:50:15,"" <> 写道:
>How did you get the jar for shardingsphere 4.0.0-RC3? Did you install from
>source by yourself?
>Liang Zhang (John)
>Apache ShardingSphere & Dubbo
>马利 <> 于2019年11月9日周六 下午4:34写道:
>> Hi ,
>> I am using shardingsphere 4.0.0-RC3 , need the feature of data
>> desensitivate.
>> find Missing artifact
>> org.apache.shardingsphere:sharding-spring-boot-util:jar:4.0.0-RC3.
>> how can I  remove this failure.
>> thanks


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