I have tried the suggested solution, but it helped me little. I was able to
add a role to a particular URL by writing - 

manager.addToChain("/admin/control/nistcontrolfamily.zul", "roles",

But, it is of little help as from User Interface, when I save a role, I have
list of URLs, so some can be deleted and some can be added. So, what I want
is to remove all the mappings related to that role only (i.e. There are
multiple roles. If Admin and Coordinator are roles and I am saving Admin
role, then Coordinator role's mapping should not be altered ) and add new
mappings for that role only.

I could not find any method which let me achieve this. Getting filters or
filterChains and clearing them was of no help. I really need this

One more thing I wanted to ask is that Does shiro assumes that once
shiroFilter is created, its mapping will be freezed? 

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