wangwei created SINGA-261:

             Summary: Add version ID into the checkpoint files
                 Key: SINGA-261
             Project: Singa
          Issue Type: Improvement
            Reporter: wangwei

During the development progress, we may change the checkpoint file structure. 
To be compatible with previous version, we need to add the version ID 
(MAJOR_VERSION, MINOR_VERSION, PATCHLEVEL) into the checkpoint file and convert 
the checkpoint file content automatically when we load it.

The version ID would be written into the .desc file. The load() function would 
read the .desc file firstly and then choose the correponding method to read the 
parse the .model file.

The the weight matrix of the dense layer as an example. Some systems (e.g. 
Caffe) set the shape as (num_output, num_input), whereas SINGA uses (num_input, 
num_output). If we change it to (num_output, num_input) in a new patch/version, 
we need to associate the checkpoint file with the SINGA version and SINGA would 
then know how to load the checkpoint file correctly.

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