Hi community,

I want to share with you about that, we are going to start the IPMC vote of 
5.0.0-beta release today, considering PPMC vote has passed. And our next 
release is beta2, we still add some new features and UI related upgrades. And 
that will be all features for SkyWalking 5.0.0. Two releases(RC, GA) of 5.0.0 
will release based on bug report and fix only. 

I hope the beta2 will release 2 weeks later, and RC, GA will release in 2 weeks 
iteration cycle. After beta2 release, I will create branch `5.0.x` for the 
community, all related fixed and RC, GA release will base on that branch. The 
branch `master` will go for 5.1.0 iteration.

New features will only provide in 5.1.0 release.

Thanks everyone in SkyWalking community and your contributions.

Sheng Wu
Apache SkyWalking

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