Hi SkyWalking community

I am happy to share, in the next 6-9 months, the SkyWalking
project(including any contributor too) will cooperate with Peking
University experiment class.
All things related to it will be tagged as `SW-PKU-OSS` including mail list
and GitHub label.

The students in the class are all master candidates.
They will aim to learn how SkyWalking works, what is Apache TLP project
community work mode, how to take part and try their best to land one PR to
our main repo.

I have just sent them options about 3 directions,
1. New plugin contribution. Clear path, documentation and many reviewers
could help. Relatively speaking, it should be an easier task.
2. Build a Lua script to instrument Nginx. Harder than (1), but as the
scenario is very clear, not too hard.
3. Very challenge one, build and maintain a Python, Ruby or any SkyWalking
not supported language agent or SDK.
    I am not expecting someone or group could finish this but set it as the
highest bar.
    If anyone could make this works, we may have a new committer from this
cooperation project.

After they selected the tasks, I will update them on GitHub issues and
tracking there.
Basically, I would expect no committer will work on these 3 directions in
the short term, if someone has, please let me know.

Durating this cooperation, we will set some online meetings to guide the
students, any committer could be the lead of one or all meetings,
just reply to me, when you want to.
Besides these helps, all process, quality requirement, test requirement are
following the existing rules.
Even for new possible committer nomination, no spec rule for any thing.

Sheng Wu 吴晟

Apache SkyWalking
Apache Incubator
Apache ShardingSphere, ECharts, DolphinScheduler podlings
Twitter, wusheng1108

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