Glade to see the procedure is kicked off. Endpoints registration brings us
more pain than handy.
I would like to test the impaction of the performance and write
amplificant. Please keep us posted.

Thanks, Hongtao.

Sheng Wu <> 于2020年3月25日周三 下午10:34写道:

> Hi Dev team
> If you are familiar with the latest OAP core, you will know, we register id
> for the endpoint. But this design has the following issues
> 1. The register has low performance as it can't be run in parral even we
> have clustering OAP. Even worse, in the cluster mode, the register is
> slower
> 2. The ID is designed as an integer, it could be run out in some time. We
> don't have good idea to restore or extend it.
> 3. Endpoint including the parameter(such as, inside the URI) is always an
> issue, and could only be improved in the agent plugin, but never could be
> fixed.
> The new changes are
> 1. Use `EndpointTraffic` to replace `EndpointInventory`. EndpointTraffic is
> a manual metrics, not a register inventory.
> 2. ID register would not happen, and service_id + base64(endpoint name)
> will be used as the entity id.
> 3. EndpointTraffic also keeps the time series feature like all other
> metrics, so it could be removed by TTL.
> 4. EndpointRelation follows the changes of EndpointInevntory removal. It
> keeps the source-service_id + base64(source endpoint name) and
> dest-service_id + base64(dest endpoint name).
> All the changes have been landed on the branch remove-endpoint-register
> <>  in
> the main repo.
> It passed the compiling locally, but not e2e and plugin change has not been
> made(no endpoint register)
> I am working on local debugging if you have interests, welcome to join me.
> I expect this is the most important change since 5.0 core design and should
> be landed in the 7.1.0
> Sheng Wu 吴晟
> Twitter, wusheng1108

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