On 21.9.16 8:13 , Carsten Ziegeler wrote:
Finally, recently some people suggested that we support all of Oaks
filtering possibilities for the ResourceChangeListener. I'm not a fan of
that - first of all, we should only support what is really needed.
Second, as soon as we support it, it means that every resource provider
needs to support it which might but a high burden for nothing on the
implementations. And finally, as we already see with the globbing,
filtering is nice but we have to be careful for remove events and
clearly specifiy how this works - and specify it in a way that it really
works for the listeners.

Not so recently actually: http://markmail.org/message/zmwhp7a7tshtfvob

I don't think you have to support all of Oak's filtering possibilities. You can still just use the ones you need. Mind you that Oak also has support for glob filters. Pushing filters as much into Oak has many performance advantages though compared to filter messages after delivery. Also Oak would easily able to support the delete use case described above.


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