Now that the 'regular' build jobs are relatively stable, I think it's
time to look into validating pull requests.

We currently have a Jenkins job setup for that [1] and at some point
Travis was also used [2].

Before trying to decide for one or another, I'd like for us to define
our goals.

I believe that the need we have when validating pull requests is that
contributions coming for 1 to n modules are properly tested. On the
other hand, we currently build the whole Sling reactor, which is slow.
This leads to:

- job flakiness, as we had in the Jenkins jobs
- delayed feedback
- Travis being unhappy and stopping jobs as they were running

Ideally, we would have a fast validation job, which runs in 10-15
minutes at most.

How I would see this done is by only building the affected module and,
if needed, building the launchpads which include it. ( Building
includes running any integration tests ).

How does that problem definition sound?



[1]: https://builds.apache.org/view/S-Z/view/Sling-Dashboard/job/sling-
[2]: https://travis-ci.org/apache/sling/

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