Mark Adamcin created SLING-6172:

             Summary: Sling Rewriter pipelines should support runmode-sensitive 
configurations via OSGi
                 Key: SLING-6172
             Project: Sling
          Issue Type: New Feature
          Components: Extensions
    Affects Versions: Rewriter 1.2.0
            Reporter: Mark Adamcin

I have, a number of times, run into a situation where I need to be able to 
selectively override the AEM default rewriter pipeline based on run mode. I 
read the discussion in a relevant thread 
 and based on the implementation of ProcessorManagerImpl, it seems that 
extending the observed config resource paths is the most expedient way to make 
this happen without changing the existing behavior with respect to 
config/rewriter paths, and without reimplementing everything for an 
OSGi-config-centric approach.

The attached patch file introduces a private configuration factory class called 
ProcessorConfigurationMapping that requires only a mapped.path property 
intended to refer to a single rewriter pipeline config node under the Resource 
Resolver search path, but that wouldn't be discovered by the current 
ProcessorManagerImpl implementation. 

The ProcessorManagerImpl has been modified to bind 0..n [static|greedy] 
ProcessorConfigurationMapping instances and to use these mappings to find 
additional config resources during initProcessors() as well as to populate the 
ResourceChangeListener configuration with additional observation paths during 

Once activated, the ProcessorManagerImpl treats ResourceChange events on these 
mapped paths just like changes to config/rewriter children.

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