On 30.01.2018, at 23:41, Robert Munteanu <romb...@apache.org> wrote:
> After a quick look at the github pages my only suggestion is using the
> advanced search page
>  https://github.com/search/advanced
> and filling in all the sling repos in the repo field. The search would
> then be something like this
>  org:apache repo:org-apache-sling-api ResourceResolver
> Unfortunately it does not seem to work :-( .

Too many repos :)

The root problem I think is that all apache projects are under one github 
organization. A github org is the natural place for multi-repository projects, 
and most features like search work well across all repos in one org.

Maybe the ASF can be persuaded to support "apache-<project>" organizations, 
with github somehow locking the "apache-*" namespace. Although I doubt this 
would ever happen.


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