Then there's a lack of clarity then in what goes into the published API 
specification. The testing mock is part of Apache Sling, it's hosted and 
developed by this Project. Is there anything that states that the Only API that 
we are publishing is those bundles that are specifically part of the 

If there are first and second class bundles, why aren't they separated out on 
the downloads page for clarification? 

And although I appreciate that you have  the API's available. My personal 
opinion is that an Apache Project should host the API documentation itself and 
not rely on a third party.

- Jason

On Mon, Apr 9, 2018, at 10:10 AM, Stefan Seifert wrote:
> do you mean from sling-mock, osgi-mock, jcr-mock?
> i think it makes sense to not include them in the API docs because they 
> are not available at runtime but only for for test code. and they are 
> not "released" together with the each sling major version, they are not 
> included in the launchpad/starter.
> on the other side the API from those modules (and from other testing 
> modules) are not documented in any published api docs them - not sure if 
> it makes sense to publish a separate "Testing API" docs for them.
> as a workaround you can use [1] which contains the apidocs for the sling 
> mocks as well.
> stefan
> [1]
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> >Was looking up a class and the last time it was in the API was Sling 6.
> >Was that intentional?
> >- Jason
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