On 03/11/2018 12:08 PM, dar...@chaosreigns.com wrote:
On 03/11, Dave Jones wrote:
On 03/11/2018 04:00 AM, dar...@chaosreigns.com wrote:
SpamAssassin version 3.3.2 has not had a rule update since 2018-03-10.

20180310:  Spam and ham are above threshold of 150,000:  
20180310:  Spam: 416659, Ham: 418483

The spam and ham counts on which this script alerts are from
Click "(source details)" (it's tiny and low contrast).
It's from the second and third columns of the line that ends with
"(all messages)"

The source to this script is

It looks like both the weekly and nightly masschecks need to have sufficient
corpora in order for an update to be generated.

@darxus, do you know what is going on here with this script?  We have had
plenty of corpora for many months now but this email just started showing up
a few days ago.

I have a feeling the updates aren't completing before this script is
running.  Still looking.

We are over 800,000 messages in our ham/spam corpora with it nearly 50/50 which is really good. My ena-week* are about half of the 800K messsages. Did someone in the ruleqa group bump up their corpus sizes significantly in the past couple of days?


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