--- Comment #2 from Dave Jones <> ---
I think this could still be the result of caching.

I have been thinking about the best way to handle our problem with the same SVN
version having two different rulesets built (tick from rule promotions and tock
from the masscheck score updates).

For now I think we can disable the ruleset build from the rule promotions since
the masscheck has been running well for a while.  Then I can figure out some
logic to best detect when the masscheck doesn't update the ruleset so the rule
promotions can build a new ruleset.

Bottom line is we only want one ruleset to be built per SVN tagged revision so
there has to be some coordination between the tick and tock.  Maybe I can do
something as simple as check the last ruleset build easily with the find
command for being more than ~20 hours old in the rule promotion script.

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