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--- Comment #2 from Bill Cole <> ---
(In reply to Schroeffu from comment #0)
> When i change my spamassassin.conf with the following values

There is no support in the SA distribution for any config file of that name.
Perhaps you need to address this to whoever created the packaged version you
are using? 

> required_body_points = 2
> required_head_points = 2

1. That would be incorrect syntax in a SA configuration file, e.g. or

2. There is no documentation of those variables in the SA distribution and they
only exist in the operational code, where they are set to fixed values without
reference to any config values. They are not intended for user configuration
and are both set to 3 normally to avoid serious risks of mistraining by the
autolearn mechanism. It is UNSUPPORTED and UNWISE to reduce those values.
Obviously you are free to change the code you use to set them as you like on
your own systems. 

> its saying while starting:
> Aug 10 12:32:51.001 [176947] warn: config: failed to parse line, skipping,
> in "/etc/spamassassin/spamassassin.conf": required_body_points 2
> Aug 10 12:32:51.001 [176947] warn: config: failed to parse line, skipping,
> in "/etc/spamassassin/spamassassin.conf": required_head_points 2
> Why can't I change the value to learn as spam/ham, with only 2 head/body
> points?

Because it is virtually a guarantee of autolearn breaking your Bayes database. 

Feel free to change the code you use on your systems and witness the resulting
likely damage. 

> default values i found here:
> classMail_1_1SpamAssassin_1_1Plugin_1_1AutoLearnThreshold.html

That is NOT SpamAssassin documentation. It's apparently a not-very-successful
attempt to build documentation automatically from code while aggressively
ignoring the actual documentation embedded in the code in a well-defined
format. As a consequence it is incomplete, misleading, and badly formatted. 

You can get a much better documentation with the 'perldoc' command line tool or
from the SpamAssassin or MetaCPAN websites. 

This is NOT a bug and to the degree that it could be reimagined as a request
for enhancement, would be a very bad idea. I do not expect that even a working
implementation to make these variables configurable would be accepted by the SA
development community and PMC.

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