Hey All,

Just a request here - it would be great if people could create JIRA's
for any and all merged pull requests. The reason is that when patches
get reverted due to build breaks or other issues, it is very difficult
to keep track of what is going on if there is no JIRA. Here is a list
of 5 patches we had to revert recently that didn't include a JIRA:

    Revert "[MINOR] [BUILD] Use custom temp directory during build."
    Revert "[SQL] [TEST] [MINOR] Uses a temporary log4j.properties in
HiveThriftServer2Test to ensure expected logging behavior"
    Revert "[BUILD] Always run SQL tests in master build."
    Revert "[MINOR] [CORE] Warn users who try to cache RDDs with
dynamic allocation on."
    Revert "[HOT FIX] [YARN] Check whether `/lib` exists before
listing its files"

The cost overhead of creating a JIRA relative to other aspects of
development is very small. If it's *really* a documentation change or
something small, that's okay.

But anything affecting the build, packaging, etc. These all need to
have a JIRA to ensure that follow-up can be well communicated to all
Spark developers.

Hopefully this is something everyone can get behind, but opened a
discussion here in case others feel differently.

- Patrick

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