Not sure if you are looking for how the returned value of `getOffset`

I think it depends on how the actual `Source` classes implement it. For
example, in `FileStreamSource`, you can see `getOffset` is updated by
finding new files in the source.

Different source has different way to get its offset.

萝卜丝炒饭 wrote
> Hi all,
> These days I am learning the code about the StreamExecution.
> In the method constructNextBatch(about line 365), I found the value of
> latestOffsets changed but I can not find where the s.getOffset of
> uniqueSource is  changed.
> here is the code link:
> Would you like help understand it please?
> Thanks.
> Robin

Liang-Chi Hsieh | @viirya 
Spark Technology Center 
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