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Yes, I’m thinking about upgrading to these:
<!-- Should be consistent with Kinesis client dependency -->


<!-- Should be consistent with Kinesis client dependency -->

272 is the earliest that has Glue.

How about I let the build system run the tests and if things start breaking I 
fall back to shading Glue’s specific SDK?

FWIW, some of the other troublespots are not functional, they're log overflow


Myself and Cloudera collaborators are testing the shaded 1.11.271 JAR & will go 
with that into Hadoop 3.1 if we're happy, but that's not so much for new 
features but "stack traces throughout the log", which seems to be a recurrent 
issue with the JARs, and one which often slips by CI build runs. If it wasn't 
for that, we'd have stuck with 1.11.199 because it didn't have any issues that 
we hadn't already got under control 

Like I said: upgrades bring fear

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The biggest challenge is that I had to upgrade the AWS SDK to a newer version 
so that it includes the Glue client since Glue is a new service. So far, I 
haven’t see any jar hell issues, but that’s the main drawback I can see. I’ve 
made sure the version is in sync with the Kinesis client used by 
spark-streaming module.

Funnily enough, I'm currently updating the s3a troubleshooting doc, the latest 
version up front saying

"Whatever problem you have, changing the AWS SDK version will not fix things, 
only change the stack traces you see."


Upgrading AWS SDKs is, sadly, often viewed with almost the same fear as guava, 
especially if it's the unshaded version which forces in a version of jackson.

Which SDK version are you proposing? 1.11.x ?

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