Hello list,

I am sorry for sending this message here, but I could not manage to get any 
response in “users”. For specific purposes I would like to isolate 1 partition 
of the RDD and perform computations only to this. 

For instance, suppose that a user asks Spark to create 500 partitions for the 
RDD. I would like Spark to create the partitions but perform computations only 
in one partition from those 500 ignoring the other 499. 

At first I tried to modify executor in order to run only 1 partition (task) but 
I didn’t manage to make it work. Then I tried the DAG Scheduler but I think 
that I should modify the code in a higher level and let Spark make the 
partitioning but at the end see only one partition and throw throw away all the 

My question is which file should I modify in order to achieve isolating 1 
partition of the RDD? Where does the actual partitioning is made?

I hope it is clear!

Thank you very much,

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