Hi Nathanael,

Redirecting to dev list:

BTW, how could we improve to get more discussions in dev lists?

Are there alternative lists where dev discussions going on? If yes, please
bring that discussions into dev list.

Just few points to consider, which may help to improve dev list discussions.
1. Don't make any decisions privately and commit changes. Please post the
discussion summary always to dev list and make decisions openly here.
2. Some times features will be raised as JIRA and discussed over there. It
will be worth raising [DISCUSS] thread in dev lists and discuss about that
feature. Some users may provide valuable feedbacks as they are the ones who
uses the feature.
3. When we create any branch, please discuss over mailing list. When
merging the branch, please discuss over the dev list.
4. Some times, you may deliver talks about the project, please share the
thoughts and feedbacks over the dev list. So, that other know about the
points discussed.
5. In case if you are planning any meet-ups, please post the details over
this list for broader attention.


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