Ashish Kumar Sinha created SQOOP-3290:

             Summary: Not able to import from SQL Server on HDFS Parquet (Date 
                 Key: SQOOP-3290
             Project: Sqoop
          Issue Type: Test
            Reporter: Ashish Kumar Sinha


I am able to import data from SQL Server to HDFS Parquet format, but the script 
fails when there is date or datetime or datetime2 column in SQL Server table. 

I tried to use --map-column-hive option as mentioned below

sqoop import --connect 
 Name>>" \
--connection-manager org.apache.sqoop.manager.SQLServerManager --driver 
net.sourceforge.jtds.jdbc.Driver --username *** --password *** --table T1 
--split-by C1--target-dir /user/user1/bkp1/11/ --map-column-java D1=timestamp 
--as-parquetfile -- --schema=sch1;


The script succeeds successfully but when I load the file in Hive parquet 
table, the date column is coming as NULL. Am I doing in wrongly or is it a 
known bug for sqoop for SQL conversion error? Please advice.

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