Hi Stanbolers,

there have been some questions in the direction of how to start
contributing to Stanbol. Especially from the viewpoint of a company. I
would like to point to some basics here at Apache.

* The ASF projects are about people and not so much about companies.
However, companies are very welcome to let their employees contribute
to projects during their working hours.
* There is no technical barrier to start contributing to Stanbol. For
people, who are not yet committers to the SVN yet, the process is to
file a JIRA ticket and attach a patch file to that ticket for desired
changes. A Stanbol committer has to pick this patch and apply it to
the code base.
* People who started to contribute to Stanbol and show interest will
be invited to become official Stanbol committers.
* All discussions about the project and its contributions have to
happen on the dev mailing list. There should be no discussions in some
other channel that are not archived or visible to the world. The
mantra here is "If it is not on the list, it did not happen."

So everyone with interest in the Stanbol technology is very welcome to
start any technical discussion about improvements on the dev list,
file JIRA ticket, submit patches. This is the way the group of
contributors will grow.



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